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Songs of the Loom

A Special Selling Exhibition of
The Woven Music of the Oriental Carpet

The Songs of the Loom Exhibition Project has been among the most successful programmes ever organised by Con & Verdonck Special Collections, and has been associated with a particularly extensive and popular collection of exhibits that still allows occasional Selling Exhibition events to be held in various parts of the Netherlands.

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As you will see on the Special Collections Home Page and elsewhere on our site, the main current Exhibition programme comprises Selling Exhibitions of The Art of the Floor collection, with all such events listed in the Exhibition Calendar.

The Songs of the Loom feature on this and the following pages is being retained on the site as a fascinating and colourful resource, with exclusive images of weavers and a selection of superb carpets remaining as relevant as a song that lingers in the mind, brightening the darkest of days...


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Persepolis Panorama
Persepolis skyline - music of the weavers' landscape


"All art aspires to the condition of music"
    Walter Pater

The ancient carpet knotting cultures of the Orient have always drawn on the harmonies of colour and texture and the rhythms of form and pattern to create an artistic experience that, while unlike any other, is often most closely akin to music in emotional impact.

With the loom as their instrument and strands of silk or wool as the notes of their compositions, the carpet makers of the East can produce works of memorable resonance and breadth, ranging from the haunting personal songs of the nomad to the opulent symphonies of splendour which emanate from the great wealth carpets created in the Persian cities.

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Woven Music of Deserts and Palaces

This exhibition collection has been compiled to illustrate the uniquely musical character that distinguishes the most beautiful Oriental
carpets & weavings, no matter what their age or intention.

Con & Verdonck Special Collections has exercised unprecedented care in selecting an assemblage that gives meaning and relevance to this theme,
with targeted items being sourced from both major private and specialist collections in Europe and America, and directly from individual weavers and workshops in the East.

The result is an Exhibition of Oriental carpet art in which every work, in its uniquely individual manner, embodies that universal quality of music
which is able to reach out to our emotions, intellect and senses, and satisfy each to the full.

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qashqa'i weavers

Qashqa'i weavers

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